Centro Internazionale di Implantologia a Como – Dir. Sanitario Prof. Tiziano Testori


The clinical faculty is highly specialized in performances listed below. The medical team of Prof.Tiziano Testori, with a long and proven experience with publications in Italy and abroad, following certified procedures that ensure the health and safety of the patient. The tools and procedures, carefully documented and controlled, are among the most advanced and are the pride of the clinic. The maintenance of instruments and controls on materials, are carried out on a frequent and methodical base by our staff (tools and procedures). The oral surgery is, among other things, our best performance. To view the specific characteristics of each services browse through the items listed below.

Digital Xray 2D

3D Xray

Hygiene and prophylaxis


Conservative Dentistry


Fixed prosthesis

Implant dentistry


Pediatric Dentistry


Oral Surgery

Dental Cosmetics

Perioral Cosmetics

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