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Agenesis of the lateral incisors, multidisciplinary approach

Agenesis of the lateral incisors, multidisciplinary approach

By: Prof.Tiziano Testori, Dr.ssa Giovanna Perrotti, Dr.ssa Giulia Ferrara, Dr.Massimiliano Politi

A 14 year old girl comes to our facilityafter being treated for an orthodontic dental malocclusion and agenesis of the elements 12 and 22.
The patient after medical examination doesn’t show any contraindication to implant treatment. She was assessed from the point of view of the orthodontic and implant that, in order to achieve the best aesthetic and functional integration of rehabilitation and, after evaluating the different therapeutic alternatives, it was considered that implant treatment was the best one.
In line with the international recommendations, according to which an implant placing is not recommended in growing people, we decided to postpone the implant placing at the end of the growth.
It has been replaced with a removable partial denture and have been applied two Maryland Bridge to replace the incisors.
The patient was then re-evaluated at 18 years and 6 months, were analyzed occlusion, angle and the inclination of the maxillary canines and the cortical and inter-radicular space for the housing of the system and its crowns prosthetic. This case is published by Quintessenza Edizioni ANNO 29 • NUMERO 4 • 2013 Jomi “Ortodonzia, implanto-protesi tecnologie digitali: approccio multidisciplinare”

Leggi il caso clinico pubblicato


1. The event concluded with the placement of two metal-ceramic crowns in seat 12 (a) and 22 (c) and the reshaping of the central incisors and canines


2. Follow-up a 1 anno dal carico protesico


3. RX Follow-up after 1 year

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